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Foot Reflexology

Nothing is more stimulating and relaxing than having the reflex areas in the feet and hands worked on, to heal the corresponding organs and ailments of the entire body.

Vunkuwa African Facial

Master your natural rhythm of the body by using this new technique, from Africa, The Vunkuwa African Facial. Focusing specifically on the area of the body where temperatures fluctuate from cold to hot leaving you with a feeling of de-stress and a new found natural euphoria. 

This wonderful new treatment has shown to create benefits to the body’s natural balance and wellbeing. Unlike any other facial, the Vunkuwa’s repetitive muscle penetration massage technique works every muscle in the face, neck and shoulders inch by inch, targeting into specific muscle zones, relieving tensions that have built up over time.

The treatment starts with cleaning your face using a gentle cleanser or cucumber oil.  By massaging the lymph areas guarantees a gentle release of toxins to prevent them from building up in your face and completing the treatment using hot stones.

For total warmth, wellbeing and feeling of satisfaction and completeness the Vunkuwa treatment is not to be missed.

Benefits of Vunkuwa Facial Treatments:

  • Improvement of facial skin and muscle tone.
  • Relaxation of facial and eye muscles.
  • Overall physical and mental relaxation.
  • Stimulation of energy points on the face.
  • Relief from eyestrain.
  • Correction of liver and gall bladder imbalances.
  • Relief of neck tension.
  • – Alleviation of nervous disorders.
  • – Relief of premenstrual water retention.
Face Reflexology

A new generation of complementary therapy – this was developed over a 25-year period by Lone Sorensen Lopez. The facial healing meridian points are manipulated to invigorate and relax, and to give the body and face a new and younger glow.


Developed from face reflexology, the products (Rosa Mosqueta oil, creams, muds and salts) are sourced from around the world and worked in such a way as to nourish the skin and provide the vitamins and minerals required for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Cosmo Japanese Facelift Therapy – Look Younger, Feel Even Better

Japan is known for its traditional herbs and oils, and this treatment is no exception. Using rosehip oil with a lifting mask, and incorporating the use of facial reflexology and a face lifting sequence therapy, this treatment is designed to ease tense facial muscles and tissue, stimulate lymph and blood supply, and reduce wrinkles – for a younger-looking you!

Hot Stone Reflex Therapy - Hot Stone Reflexology

Take your reflexology treatment to another level by adding hot stones. Our clients love this treatment – feedback has indicated that it lowers cortisol levels and helps to support the parasympathetic nervous system, aiding the body in reversing feelings of stress.

Centuries ago, the origins of hot stone massage lay in India and China – ancient civilizations believed that hot stones cleansed the body and relaxed the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind. The treatment is extremely relaxing for the client, as the smoothness of the stones, and the heat when they are used in massage, relax the muscles to a deeper level. Smaller stones are used to work reflex points and more specific areas.

Aromareflex Treatment

Using nature’s pure essential oils the Aromarefex treatment supports the body to elevate physical and emotional conditions using  various combinations of 12 different essential oils, blended to suit each individual. For example, if you are feeling stressed and have muscular or skeletal problems, we choose oils from the Aromareflex range that support aches, pains and relaxation. Or if the focus is for treating a hormonal imbalance or exhaustion, we select oils that support hormonal balance for reviving the system and natural balance of the body. We also use a particular Aromareflex blend that is suitable for pregnant clients.

 We are happy to offer our clients advice about the safe home use of our oils.

I fell and hurt my shoulder just before Christmas 2009. After a foot reflexology treatment from Phyllis on Boxing Day, she advised me to visit my doctor again to check my heart. I was approaching my 70th birthday and had no previous heart problems, but the following day I went to see my doctor who referred me to Chase Farm Hospital straightaway. I spent a week in hospital and six months later I received a pacemaker. It has certainly changed my life.

C Williams

I met Phyllis when training for Japanese Facelift (SorensensistemTM) in London in October 2010. She has a vast amount of knowledge about facial reflexology and the human body. She is passionate about her work and as a teacher, she is warm, approachable and encouraging. I found her truly inspirational and would recommend her as an outstanding trainer.

K Steventon, Beverley

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