House of Arubah (Hebrew for restoration to sound health)

offers a wide range of treatments to address all your physical imbalances and leave you looking and feeling good and totally, physically and spiritually relaxed.

Reflexology: Over the last few decades, reflexology has emerged as a widely respected and effective healing therapy. The success of this treatment is reflected in the increased number of practitioners offering it across the world. In the most basic terms, reflexology is the application of precise pressure to specific reflex points in the hands, feet and even the face. With regular reflexology treatments on specific pressure points in these areas, you can revive the natural flow of energy in the body.

This removes any issues and gives an overall feeling of calm, ease and sometimes even euphoria, which is not achievable with other general massage techniques. And it doesn’t stop there!

If you have not yet had a reflexology treatment, and you are suffering with stress, anxiety, muscular issues, pain, hormonal imbalance or menopausal mood swings, and you are looking for an alternative natural health treatment, then The House of Arubah reflexology treatments could be for you.

Good reflexologists are deeply connected to the understanding of energy flow, and they work holistically, treating specific areas in parallel to the wellbeing of the entire body, ensuring this free flow replaces any blocked pressure.

The House of Arubah is dedicated to the practice of reflexology, and continues to support education in this field by delivering not just treatments, but also by disseminating knowledge, skills and expertise to clients worldwide. We encourage best practices in our quest for our clients to have unprecedented holistic wellness.


Phyllis Slack (HMAR)

I qualified as a foot reflexologist in 1991 and I became a member of the Association of Reflexologists in 1992. Shortly after I joined the Council as Seminars Co-ordinator, then as a Director.

In 2009 I was awarded Honorary Membership of the Association in recognition of my 17 years of service to reflexology.


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Good for relieving stress, anxiety, or any other type of muscular, pain, hormonal imbalances, or menopausal mood swings.

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